Microscopy solutions from TESCAN



Material Science: Static 3D tomography, EDS, EBSD without moving samples between slices. In-situ solutions for heating/cooling/tensile/compression. TEM prep. and lift out. Low kV FIB and Rocking stage. Low vacuum.

Life Science: Cryo SEM and FIB/SEM. Low vacuum operation and detectors. UHR Low kV SEM – FIB/SEM. Water vapor support. Cryo and Room Temperature TEM prep. and lift out.

Earth Science: TIMA Mineral Liberation Analysis system with up to 4 EDS for high throughput. Geology solutions with TESCAN Cathodoluminescence detectors and EDS, EBSD. Auto-loader for up to 100 samples.

Electronics: Full eight inch wafer and KLARF support. Failure Analysis FIB/SEM and SEM. EBIC. TEM prep. and lift out. In-situ probing. Eight inch load lock. Metrology.


S8000G, new generation of FIB/SEM with both a new SEM column, the BrightBeam™ and a new FIB column, the Orage™. 

MAIA3 immersion lens SEM with 1nm at 1kV for ultimate resolution. The combination of the TriLensTM column, the TriSETM detector system and the TriBETM back scatter detector system provides advantages in both low kV resolution and high contrast imaging.

MIRA3 SEM for analytical work with FEG column,

XEIA3 new plasma FIB - with UHR SEM for high milling rate, high resolution 3D work,

LYRA3 FIB-SEM with FEG column for 3D analytical and biological applications, In-Situ technology for a wide range of integrated In-Situ solutions.

TESCAN Unique Solutions; patented detector technology such as low vac SE detector, STEM, exceptional back-scatter detectors, analytical geometry supporting 3D, integrated SIMS and RAMAN, the full support of in-situ experiments and measurements, favorable pricing.

SEM Products and Solutions

VEGA3 SEM comes in 4 versions/sizes; SB, SB EasyProbe, LM, XM and GM

MIRA3 SEM comes in 3 sizes; LM, XM and GM.

UHR-SEM Technology
MAIA3 SEM comes in 3 sizes; LM, XM and GM

Mineral Analysis SEM
TIMA-X comes in 2 sizes; LM and GM

FIB-SEM Dual Beam Products and Solutions

S8000G A New Generation FIB/SEM with both new SEM and new FIB!
LYRA3 comes in 2 sizes; XM and GM. It is equipped with a FEG SEM column and a high performance FIB column.

GAIA3 is a high-end dual beam system with a UHR SEM column and a high performance FIB column. It comes in two sizes; XM and GM.

PFIB-SEM Dual Beam
This world's first Plasma FIB and SEM dual beam system, FERA3, has the FEG SEM column integrated with a Xe Plasma FIB column

 Top of its class plasma FIB dual beam system, XEIA3.
The extreme high resolution SEM with the Xe Plasma FIB column creating a powerful tool for both material and life science.

Integrated Products and Solutions

A fully integrated Raman Imaging system for correlative Raman and SEM Imaging.

The first stand-alone UHV Analytical SEM and FIB/SEM

TOF-SIMS FIB-SEM dual beam
Another unique integration of orthogonal TOF-SIMS by Tofwerk company and the FIB-SEM by TESCAN

NordicNano Solutions integrates third party add-on technology to fit your need

For live cells imaging without staining and with unprecedented detail. Observe cellular dynamics and cell morphology

Wafer support, 6,8, and 12 inch wafer support. Optional 8 inch LoadLock. Wafer navigation and support of KLARF for defect review and Failure Analysis

Microtome SEM
The Microtome SEM integrates the 3View microtome into a TESCAN SEM. This allows Serial Block Face Imaging by image cut faces. 3D reconstruction is then performed on images creating a 3D view.

3D Tomography
Auto Slicer
Detector Mixing

Correlative Microscopy
Particle Analysis
Report Generator
DrawBeam - TESCAN Lithography Toolbox

Image Processing
Image Manager
Easy EDX

NordicNano Solutions AB is the exclusive distributor of TESCAN products in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
TESCAN has installed more than 2500 Electron Microscopes world wide.
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