Mineral Analysis SEM, TIMA-X

The TESCAN Integrated Mineral Analyzer (TIMA), a fully automated, high throughput, analytical scanning electron microscope is designed specifically for the mining and minerals processing industry as well as Geology research organizations.

The TIMA is based either on MIRA Schottky field emission or VEGA thermal emission scanning electron microscope. Special VEGA column design with permanent gun high-vacuum and the isolation valve significantly increases emission stability and tungsten filament lifetime.

The system is available in high-vacuum version as the standard, low-vacuum version as an option.
Both the LM chamber/stage (230mm internal diameter) and GM chamber/stage (340mm width and 315mm depth internal dimensions) are supported.

TIMA supports both the LM and GM chamber/stage cominations as well as an AutoLoader.

TIMA is based on TESCAN MIRA Schottky field emission or VEGA thermionic emission SEM with EDS options:

  • Up to four integrated EDS detectors for maximum system throughput performance
  • Latest generation of Peltier-cooled SDD detectors
  • New 30 mm2 SDD CMOS vacuum encapsulated chip
  • Si3N4 ceramic window is rugged, non-porous and has high transmissivity
  • Compatible with full-function standards-based quantita­tive EDS analysis

TIMA Advantages:

  • Very fast and fully automated data acquisition process reached via SEM and EDX high level hardware integration
  • System based on MIRA or VEGA SEM platform proven by customers in many countries
  • Special VEGA column design significantly extending tungsten filament lifetime
  • Newly designed exchangeable sample holder with integrated fixed BSE/EDX calibration standard and Faraday cup
  • Possibility to modify size of samples according to customer demands
  • Up to 4 integrated EDS detectors for maximum system performance
  • New Peltier cooled EDS detector type for thermal stability guarantee
  • Improved approach to data analysis increasing speed and reliability of process
  • Variable dwell time and EDS analysis duration adapting to each part of the sample
  • Software released in three editions
  • Various modules for data analysis
  • Customizable classification rules
  • Favorable price to performance ratio
  • Custom solution possibilities

TIMA Autoloader

The TESCAN Integrated Mineral Analyzer (TIMA), an automated mineralogy system, enables fast and quantitative mineral analyses of rocks, ores, concentrates, tailings, leach residues or smelter products. It combines BSE and EDX analysis for identification and measurement of mineral concentrations, particle size distribution, and liberation/locking parameters.
In addition, it can provide bright particle searches for PGM, gold-silver ores, and/or REE.

With the newly developed Automated Loading System (AutoLoader), the TIMA has become the first automated mineral analyzer which permits robust, continuous and unattended sample loading. With the AutoLoader (robotics) system which allows accommodation of up to 100 epoxy blocks of 25mm or 30 mm diameter at one time, the TIMA has emerged as a powerful plant support instrument. It increases the sample throughput, minimizes manual labor and enables 24/7 operations.