The TESCAN software is robust, easy to use and takes full advantage of the system hardware features.

Sophisticated control software is a standard part of every scanning electron microscope produced by TESCAN. There is also a standalone image processing software ATLAS. The software is modular  with software extensions for various purposes. 

Common Software Features

Our aim from the beginning is to provide a customer software which will be intuitive and user-friendly for both professional or inexperienced microscopist. The current  third generation of SEM microscopes is equipped with new software which is simple, transparent and even more intuitive. 

Main features:

  • Multi-user environment
  • Multi-language support
  • Image manager with search over imaging conditions
  • Standard format of images like TIFF, BMP, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, GIF, PGM, PPM
  • Fast Report Generator with export to multiple formats, including MS Word, Open Office, PDF etc.
  • Detailed on-line help

Professional for Scientific Work:

  • High quality 16-bit image processing
  • Sophisticated calibration and measurement tools
  • Extension modules optimized for particular purposes

The following software packages are currently available (check for new packages at the TESCAN web site).

Each package listed below is described at the TESCAN web site.

Atlas Image Processing Software
The Atlas software is a standalone application for offline image processing of SEM images as well as powerfull image grabber. Calibrated input from various devices like video microscopes, light microscopes with digital camera, endoscopes, scanners etc. enables basic metrology applications.

Extension Modules
There is a wide range of extension modules for the TESCAN SEM control software and for the ATLAS image processing software.  

Particle Analysis
Particle Analysis has two versions: Particle Basic and Particle Advanced

The EasyEDX software modules provide an integration module for the OEM EasyEDX detector (it is included in the EasyEDX package as standard). However, the integration works with any Quantax EDX detector.

Report Generator
The Report generator is a standard feature contained in all TESCAN Scanning Electron Microscopes controlling software. This software tool allows a user to generate printable documents (reports). Stored images from SEM can be digestedly placed in document with all information in description.

Image Manager
The Image Manager is a standard feature included in all TESCAN Scanning Electron Microscopes controlling software. This software tool allows a user to browse, view or edit various images. You can view acquired images very simply without installing another image editor or browser. Images are processed with all information and parameters containing the header.

Detectors & Mixer
The Detectors & Mixer is a standard feature included in all TESCAN Scanning Electron Microscopes controlling software. The Detectors & Mixer panel serves for selection of appropriate detector installed and connected to SEM and for control of contrast/brightness levels. Access to desired detector suitable for concrete application is allowed from this panel.

DrawBeam – TESCAN Lithography Toolbox
The 3rd generation of TESCAN scanning electron microscopes is designed to fulfill all requirements of electron – and ion – beam lithography applications.

3D Tomography
FIB tomography has become an important tool for studying materials at the micro and nano scale. Unlike a single cross-section, this technique gives better understanding of the volume distribution, 3D structure and relationship between three dimensional objects. TESCAN FIB-SEMs can be equipped with an optional software module 3D Tomography for automated data acquisition and reconstruction.

The AutoSlicer is a software module for TESCAN FIB-SEM systems. It provides an easy-to-use tool for automated sample preparation routines for the most common tasks like FIB cross section or TEM lamella preparation.

Correlative microscopy to import, align, overlay mages from other imaging tools, such as optical microscopes, etc.

Image Snapper
Tiling and Stitching software for very large image acquisition at high resolution.

Sample Observer
Software to observe and record in-situ events and experiments.

System Examiner
Module intended for microscope system performance check and user scripting tools. TESCAN supports a very easy to use scripting tool that can control the entire system from the scripting engine, creating automation software for any custom application.

Advanced 3D software.
The MeX software supports quantitative 3D reconstruction of surface topography and morphology.