TOF SIMS FIB-SEM dual beam

TOF-SIMS with access to all features of the FIB, unique integration of orthogonal TOF-SIMS by Tofwerk company and FIB-SEM by TESCAN.

A novel, orthogonal extraction, medium mass resolution Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer (TOF-SIMS) provides a costeffective
upgrade to dual focused ion and electron beam instruments (FIB-SEM) to allow SIMS chemical mapping. Depth
profiling with a resolution of a few nanometers is a matter of course, and so full three-dimensional chemical mapping with
nanometer resolution can be obtained

A compact TOF-SIMS module with orthogonal extraction is an add-on to a standard high vacuum Gallium FIB, thus no
other primary ion source is needed. Spatial resolution better than 50 nm lateral and 15 nm depth has been achieved. Users
benefit from all the advantages of combined SEM-FIB (imaging, etching, deposition, lithography, manipulation) and can
perform SIMS analysis in-situ just after preparation of desired nano-structures.

Benefits of the TOF-SIMS integration with FIB-SEM:

  • 3D chemical mapping
  • High sensitivity
  • Distinguishing isotopes
  • No additional ion source
  • Continuous beam


The combination of TOF with FIB-SEM provides the user with several advantages in comparison with EDX e.g. better lateral resolution and works for light elements.