Ultimate resolution and maximum throughput in large-scale sample preparation and characterization
The TESCAN S9000X is the platform for the most challenging physical failure analysis applications in semiconductors and material characterization that require ultimate precision and extremely high-throughput. The TESCAN S9000X guarantees ultimate resolution and surface sensitivity essential to resolve nanosized structures while providing best conditions for large-volume 3D sample characterizations. At the same time, it delivers unmatched FIB capabilities that enable precise, damage-free, and extremely large-area cross-sectioning in packaging technologies and optoelectronic devices. 

Root-cause physical failure analysis of today’s semiconductors devices has become an extremely complex task that needs to deal with ever smaller devices with higher density and functionality. This requires of highly-reliable analytical platforms that can keep up with the increasing complexity of design and architectures of integrated circuits, optoelectronic devices and in general, with the development of new nanotechnologies and nanomaterials. The TESCAN S9000X is a powerful FIB-SEM platform specifically designed to take up such challenges. The ultimate resolution, surface sensitivity and outstanding contrast is delivered by next generation Triglav™ imaging capabilities. On the other hand, the new iFIB+™ column comes to push even further the realm of applications of Xe plasma FIB and the capability for large-scale sample microengineering and 3D microanalysis while maintaining shortest time frame.