UHV SEM and FIB/SEM - NanoSpace

The first stand alone UHV Analytical FIB-SEM

This is the first stand alone UHV Analytical system that can be configured as a SEM or FIB/SEM with 3 choices of ion columns: Ga FIB column, Plasma FIB column or multiple Ion species source FIB column.


  • Full UHV design – Contamination free environment
  • Fully customizable system
  • Total flexibility on FIB selection- three different ion columns to choose from depending on your application
  • Enhanced surface analysis performances
  • 100 mm sample stage
  • Easy connect to process clusters or instrument


SiGe grown nanowires image acquired with NanoSpace (tilted view) SE image, Primary beam: e-, Energy 25keV
FOV: 5µm  Scale bar: 0.6µm.