MIRA3 LM FEG-SEM with an LM chamber supporting both high and low vacuum operations. LM 5-axis motorized stage travel:  (x,y,z,r,t) 80mm, 60mm, 47mm, 360o, +-80o
Resolution @30kV: 1nm (SE).


MIRA3 XM FEG-SEM with an XM chamber supporting both high and low vacuum operations. XM 5-axis motorized stage travel:  (x,y,z,r,t) 130mm, 130mm, 100mm, 360o, -30o , +90o
Resolution @30kV: 1nm (SE).

MIRA3 GM FEG-SEM with an GM chamber supporting both high and low vacuum operations. GM 5-axis motorized stage travel:  (x,y,z,r,t) 130mm, 130mm, 100mm, 360o, -80o , +90o
Resolution @30kV: 1nm (SE).

MIRA3 AMU FEG-SEM with an extra large chamber, AMU, fast and accurate XYRZ motorized movements
Internal dimensions: 790 x 450 x 1200 mm. Maximum specimen size: disc Ø 762 mm, height 127 mm

Selected MIRA LM, GM and XM Features

  • LM, GM, XM MIRA chambers provide superior specimen handling using a full 5-axis motorized compucentric stage and ideal geometry for EDX and EBSD
  • Full 6, 8 and 12 inch support with extra large cradle stage. Optional 8 inch Load Lock.
  • Numerous interface ports with optimized analytical geometry for EDX, WDX and EBSD as well as for attaching many other detectors
  • First-class YAG scintillator-based detectors
  • Selection of optional detectors and accessories
  • Full operating vacuum can be obtained quickly and easily with powerful turbomolecular and dry fore vacuum pumps, electron gun pumping with an ion pump
  • Investigation of non-conductive samples in variable pressure mode versions, excellent results in the investigation of magnetic samples
  • Several options for chamber suspension type ensure effective reduction of ambient vibrations in the laboratory